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More Than 50 Uses for a Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle Blanket

mom with bag comforting little girl

Moms carry too much stuff.  We have to have a hang bag inventory for. every. single. emergency (and I-forgot-my-favorite-sock “emergency”). To help simplify, today we share the truly multi-use nature of one of motherhood’s most present items: the lightweight, breathable muslin swaddle blanket.  

Below are MORE than 50 uses for the swaddle blanket. Some of them are legitimate emergency uses (and might destroy your swaddle), but others are reusable everyday uses we just might not have thought of. Read on and simplify your life by carrying around one of these lightweight, endlessly-useful blankets instead of other 51 one-use items.

Baby Uses

baby feet in numbers swaddle

1. Swaddle a baby – had to get that one on the list

2. Cuddle blanket for older child – a “softy” that is useful and comforting

    little girl with swaddle blanket3. Nursing cover-up – lightweight to keep temperature down

      mom nursing a baby under a taxonomy swaddle blanket4. Stroller shade – when the sun is in your child’s eyes you don’t hear about anything else

      5. Burp cloth – new parents can never have too many

      6. Hot swing protector – playground swings in the sun can be like LAVA

      7. Car seat shade – keep the sun away from little eyes

      8. Car seat cover up – hot car seat parts can burn skin if left in the sun

      9. Play mat – throw down anywhere

      baby boy looking at a sight words swaddle blanket10. Light beach towel – breathable fabric makes it quick drying

      11. Grocery cart germ barrier – keep those gross belt buckles out of mouths

      12. Diaper – fold into several layers and dispose after use

      13. Pacifier/teether – dip corner in water or juice and let baby suck on it

      14. Washcloth – wet wipes are unavailable and something NEEDS to be cleaned

      15. Bib – fold into a triangle, then tie corners loosely behind neck

      First Aid Uses

      16. Sling – fold into a triangle, tie two corners across the body and behind the neck

      17. Cold pack – fold into a pouch then fill with something cold

      18. Compress/bandage – can fold blanket or cut into smaller pieces

      19. Splint securer – rip into strips to secure an emergency splint until you can get help

      20. Tourniquet – use only if life is in danger

      21. Feminine hygiene --  think you’re-driving-across-the-country-and-have-no-other-options type of emergency

      22. First aid tie – hold bandage or cold pack in place

      23. Washcloth – either for food prep or personal hygiene, but please, not both

      Clothing Uses

      woman with scarf wrapped around her head like a hat

      24. Belt – roll up or cut into strips

      25. Hat – keep the hot sun off of your head, Lawrence of Arabia style

      26. Neck bandana – dip in cool water to keep heat away

      27. Dust mask – fold into small triangle and dampen to keep from breathing dust

      28. Underwear – I mean, if you really need it, it could work

      29. Winter Scarf – wrap around several times

      30. Sweat band – when you need something to prevent sweat and sunscreen from running into your eyes, it does the trick

      31. Shawl – if you are on a frigid flight, throw it over your shoulders for a light shawl

      32. Wet hair turban – soft, absorbent fabric makes it perfect for this

      33. Ear muffs – either from sound or cold, fold is several times and then around your head

      34. Blindfold – for use in games or use to block light during a nap

      Food Uses

      bread wrapped in white swaddle blanket

      35. Tablecloth – nasty picnic tables, anyone?

      36. Napkin – could share different corners or rip into smaller pieces

      37. Cheesecloth /strainer– okay, not the most practical, but the fabric would work incredibly well. All I'm saying is if you have a hankering to strain some ricotta and all you have is a muslin swaddle blanket – you’re in luck!

      38. Hot pad – fold up several times to be as thick as possible

      39. Food wrap – wrap up dry goods (think bread) to make portable

      40. Dish towel – lay wet dishes on or dry off directly

      41. Bug cover – lay over food to protect from bugs until ready to eat


      42. Gift wrap – wrap around a small item and secure with a ribbon, practical and cute!

      43. Toilet paper – rip into strips in you’re desperate, then dispose (but please, only if you’re desperate)

      44. Flag – good ol’ fashioned “capture the flag” or if you summit a new peak and need to stake your claim

      45. Rucksack – put items in the middle, bring corners to the top and tie together – hobo style

      46. Pillow – either bunched up on itself or covering other soft items

      47. Yoga mat carrier – Place mat in the middle then tie corners together, carry on tied up corners like a grocery bag

      48. Glasses cleaner – soft fabric will do

      49. Toothbrush – wet corner and clean teeth

      50. Trash bag – wrap trash up if you have nothing else and are far from a trash can

      51. Educational tool - with a clever print, you can teach your child as she grows

      little girl pointing to a sight word on a swaddle blanket

      There you are--51 uses for a lightweight, muslin swaddle blanket. And you thought it was useful with just the five baby uses shown on the blanket packaging! 

      Swaddle on, multitasking moms.


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