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All swaddle blankets are LIVE!

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You will have to excuse our child-like excitement over the little fact that ALL OUR SWADDLE BLANKETS ARE LIVE!! As a small, family-owned, family-run, family-everything business, little events like this make us giddy inside. 

Part of the inventory high? The fact that our swaddle blankets are amazing are we thrilled to share them with the world. 

Our swaddle blankets are MODERN (unique designs)

Our swaddle blankets are MINIMAL (the pattern on our blankets leaves more white space than other swaddles on the market)

Our swaddle blankets are GIANT (almost 4 ft square)

Our swaddle blankets are ridiculously SOFT (bamboo rayon + cotton = buttah)

Our swaddle blankets are USEFUL (burp cloth, play mat, scarf, towel, swaddle, etc.etc you know all the ways)

Our swaddle blankets are EDUCATIONAL (oh yeah, while you are using it all of those other ways? Teach your child (or yourself) something while you're at it)

We love our swaddle blankets and we love you, our customers. 

Swaddle on, teaching mamas.




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